ProgrammingFree's Montage Page

I just created a page for my blog in Microsoft's Montage. For those who do not know what Montage is, it is a web-based service released in 2010 that comes from Fuse, a research-focused division of Microsoft that concentrates on social, real-time and rich media experiences. From - "Montage lets you pick content from several sources, including news stories, RSS Feeds, Twitter timelines, images, and YouTube videos. You can even add your own text to a section. Each section then links to the original news source so you can read the full story. The content in each section can remain static by pointing to specific news stores or change dynamically by pointing to Twitter feeds.Once you've finished designing your page, you can save it to your own "My Montage" page, publish it to the public Montage gallery, and share it via Facebook or Twitter. You can also search for and browse pages created by other people at the gallery."

Below is the screenshot of the page I create at Montage showcasing some of the popular post from this blog, 

Create your own montage, share it with your friends and have fun. I will be updating this Montage with my latest posts. So do not forget to bookmark this montage and share it with your friends.



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