Releasing locks in Endeca Deployment Template

When you work with Endeca Search Products, you might frequently come across this error "Failed to obtain lock" when you try to r...

When you work with Endeca Search Products, you might frequently come across this error "Failed to obtain lock" when you try to run baseline update script, report generator script or any other deployment template scripts. The reason behind this is whenever the deployment template script does not complete properly due to some exception or is manually interrupted, the lock that is obtained at the starting of the process is retained in the EAC(Endeca Application Controller). You need to release these locks to run the process that is interrupted once again. 

To remove these locks use runcommand.bat script that is placed in the scripts directory of your application. Navigate to [installation-path]\Endeca\apps\appname\control\ directory and run the following command,

In Windows,

runcommand.bat LockManager releaseLock update_lock

In Unix, LockManager releaseLock update_lock

The lock will be released and now you are good to run the deployment template script once again.

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  1. I dont see any runcommand.bat file in Script folder..Should i copy paste from Contol folder or what?
    can u help me out.. i tried so many way but its not working ..

    1. Very sorry. It was a mistake. Fixed it now. It is actually located in control folder.

  2. thank you for Reply..

    D:\Developement\Commerce\Endeca\apps\Nutechen\control>runcommand.bat LockManager releaseLock update_lock
    [08.16.14 17:36:25] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning.
    [08.16.14 17:36:25] INFO: Definition has not changed.
    [08.16.14 17:36:25] INFO: Released lock 'update_lock'.

    After i just excuted this below comment but still its showing same error

    D:\Developement\Commerce\Endeca\apps\Nutechen\control>initialize_services.bat --force

    [08.16.14 17:37:51] INFO: Packaging contents for upload...
    [08.16.14 17:37:51] INFO: Finished packaging contents.
    [08.16.14 17:37:51] INFO: Uploading contents to: http://CHENNUPC01:8006/ifcr/sites/Nutechen/configuration/tools/xmgr
    [08.16.14 17:37:51] INFO: Finished uploading contents.
    Finished importing editors configuration
    Importing templates...
    Removing existing cartridge templates for Nutechen
    ERROR: Could not open acquire_lock.status.
    Failed to import templates.

    can u help me out for this ASAP.i struggling this for past two days.

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