Create Rich Web Applications Instantly with Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap - an awesome front-end framework(html5,css3,javascript) that can be used to create websites or web applications instan...

Twitter Bootstrap - an awesome front-end framework(html5,css3,javascript) that can be used to create websites or web applications instantly without having much to worry on the design part of it. Bootstrap was built initially for an internal project by a group of people lead by Mark Otto inside Twitter. Later when they found it to be very useful, they released it as an open source project at GitHub in August 2011. In my previous post, I explained on how to make an ASP.NET web application look more rich with jQuery UI controls. You can also use the jQuery UI controls along with Twitter Bootstrap, but that is not needed in most of the cases since bootstrap provides all that you need to develop a web application.

One of the features I love about Bootstrap is it's responsive design capability provided from v2.0 onwards available since August 2012. This means that the graphic design of web pages adjusts dynamically based on the device (PC, tablet, mobile) used to view the web page. 

Bootstrap is built upon HTML,CSS and Javascript with partial support to HTML5 & CSS3, and is compatible with all web browsers. Some of the websites that are built on bootstrap are,

To get started with Bootstrap, download the latest version of bootstrap and extract the downloaded zip file. They have provided three sample layouts to start with, one can open those templates in a browser and copy the source using "View Source" option from the browser and start building the website on it.

In my upcoming posts, I will write on how to integrate ASP.NET controls to look like Bootstrap controls and how to use the Javascript plugins provided by Twitter Bootstrap with ASP.NET controls.

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