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I had written a series of tutorials on AngularJS and before I started to learn I needed a bit of inspiration that would push me to spend...

I had written a series of tutorials on AngularJS and before I started to learn I needed a bit of inspiration that would push me to spend some time on learning it. There are a lot of tutorials, write ups and interesting articles around the web on AngularJS. Some of them which I came across, really inspired me to go for it and hence I am writing an article here to share the same believing it will inspire or be useful for my readers as well.

1. Why use AngularJS instead of jQuery? (StackOverflow)

Initially, being used to jQuery, my mind was refusing to learn any other javascript library that would completely replace it. In fact, angularjs uses jQuery - lite version internally. This stackoverflow discussion happened to be my starting point to understand why I should go for AngularJS for a simple form based web page instead of jQuery. Data Binding and DOM manipulation seemed interesting at a first glance.

2. How do I 'think in AngularJS way' if I am from jQuery background? (StackOverflow)

This discussion in Stackoverflow is huge and this enlightened me to understand how an AngularJS application differs from other javascript applications. The various aspects of AngularJS are explained in simple terms here. You get to understand dependency injection, separation of concerns, mv* framework, imperative vs declarative programming and lot more. From here, I understood that unlike jQuery being a library, AngularJS is a complete framework. So I stopped thinking in jQuery way and started to read more about AngularJS.

3. Three Reasons to choose AngularJS for your next project

This article written by Adam Conrad, put things in a simple and positive way that gives you a pointer to get started with AngularJS in 5 minutes. Yes, it is very easy to get started with AngularJS. 

4. My experience with AngularJS - The SuperHeroic Javascript MVW Framework

Ben Nadel had expressed his feelings on learning AngularJS over time with a beautiful graph. Though his graph expresses mixed emotions in the course of learning AngularJS, he concludes it saying that he was happy to have made a decision to learn and use AngularJS for the project he was working on. This page also carries some useful comments at the end of post.

5. 10 Reasons Web Developers should learn AngularJS

This article has summarized 10 reasons why web developers should learn AngularJS. Each and every reason is explained clearly with supporting facts. 

6. Why AngularJS will be huge?

This article has no insights on any technical perspective of AngularJS but supports it with the current and future industry trends. It says AngularJS had created more lively and high paying opportunities for developers It also has Google Search Trends graph displayed at the end, providing a comparative analysis with other javascript frameworks.

7. What is so special about Google's AngularJS?

Last but not the least, I found this interview by Misko Hevery, founder of AngularJS explaining various interesting aspects of AngularJS. There is even an explanation on why they came up with this name 'Angular' for this framework they worked out. 

This is pretty much what inspired and keeps inspiring me to learn and work on AngularJS. If you know about any interesting write-up on the same, which you think would make someone get their hands dirty with AngularJS, do post it on the comments section.

Assuming that you have gone through all the above mentioned useful links, and that you are inspired now to learn, take a look at my AngularJS articles here to get started.



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  1. Hi Priyadarsini, I got inspired from your articles and i am interested to learn Angular JS. I am confuse now where to start. And i don't have any prior knowledge on JS or HTML. I never designed any UI. I have good knowledge on JAVA. where should i start?

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