5 Best Contact Form Tutorials

Every website, be it a corporate website, an ecommerce website, a forum or a blog, contact forms are very important as these are the onl...

Every website, be it a corporate website, an ecommerce website, a forum or a blog, contact forms are very important as these are the only means of making people interact with them. There are certain things to consider while designing such contact forms. Making a contact form creative, innovative and productive is not very easy as it seems to be and hence I bring to you these 5 tutorials on how to effectively design a contact form.

1. Designing a Better Contact Page

This article explains the importance, placement, essentials, seo and much more about Contact Page and forms. It covers almost all important aspects of a contact page and lets you understand what all you should keep in mind while designing a contact page.

2. Building a unique contact form

Chris Coyier in his tutorial, explains how to start designing a contact form using photoshop, then add markup and styles to it, followed by validation and completes it by explaining how to make it work with a php script. Though this is a pretty old article, the details this one has, will help you clearly understand how to implement a contact form and make it work. You can then proceed to alter it the way you want.

3. Full Screen Form Interface

The first article will help you understand the essentials of contact page and the second one on how to implement it. Now to add creativity and modernize it, you need to go for first-of-a-kind design like the one linked above. Full Screen Form Interface by Mary Lou is what I am talking about here and this gives lot of space for you to think out of the box and not restrict yourself in asking the same few questions you usually ask in a contact form. I created a contact form for my blog with this and you can see it here.

4. How to make your contact forms mobile friendly?

We just can not ignore mobile design these days and this article explains how to convert your contact form design so that it looks more elegant and is convenient for mobile users. 

5. Fancy Contact Form

Finally a simple AJAX, PHP, Jquery Contact Form by Martin Angelov. If you are not a fan of PHP, you can use any other server side technology to make the contact form work but still, this is a good tutorial for anyone to start with.

Please let me know your comments on this article in the comments section. Thanks for reading!



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