Web Design Trends to Follow in 2015

The end of 2014 is just around the corner, and with the end of every year some designing trends grow while some of them get a tag of b...

The end of 2014 is just around the corner, and with the end of every year some designing trends grow while some of them get a tag of being no longer trendier. The year 2014 was gifted with some exciting web designing trends including responsiveness, parallax scrolling, flat designs, single-page websites and more.

The web culture is evolving at an astronomical pace. And just like the year 2014, over-zealous designers are ready to present you with some of the latest web designs in the year 2015 that look even more sophisticated and advanced accompanied by some pretty radical changes. 

In this article, we are going to introduce you about some of the latest design trends and predictions for the next year, so that you can create new opportunities, technological progress, while making ways to stylistic excesses.

1. Images and Pictures will take center stage

It has been rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words; and the same has been actively adopted by the graphic designers in the upcoming year. Large images would become evident on the landing pages of the websites. However, for its proper execution images would be break down in terms of resolution and pixels of the screen. As soon as the user starts navigating, they'd not continue to see the image, but instead see the content below.

2. Responsive Design will become more Ubiquitous

The year 2015 is ready to bring a dynamic shift in the responsive design where it would become nearly impossible not to imagine people browsing the Internet on their Smartphones or mobile devices. Responsive design is an essential feature of a website and will become all the more dominant due to the explosion of mobile phones in the upcoming year. The designers and developers alike will make use of sophisticated methods and techniques which will help them view a website from the customer's perspective.  There would be better possibilities for detecting the screen size, a website is being viewed on and then automatically get adjusted to fit the screen size.

3. Increased Importance of Background

Web pages will be provided with more videos (not the promotional ones) but HTML5 videos, which will enhance the sophistication of the website background. HTML provides various methods for embedding video content and there are various popular brands which are already taking the advantages of this technology. Since innovation is the key to success, it is good to design a website which is made utilizing an optimum use of images, videos and content.

4. Sensory Experiences

Web design of 2015 will be more focused towards creating crisp layouts and saturated colors. Compelling and striking contrast visuals in bit-sized pieces will become a pivotal feature. Websites will move away from merely focusing on revenue generation to designing a tempting experience for their visitors.

Large hero like images accompanied by high-impact images, detailed photography, and videos as page background will take the lead. If we look at the design hierarchy of 2015, videos will surpass images, just as the same way images took the crown from copy in 2014.

5. Creative and Innovative Storytelling

The designing techniques of 2015 will help impressive visuals to adapt a unique narrative style for presenting information to the audience. The long-scrolling sites will focus on guiding the user throughout with the help of brand narrative, and tell them their success stories.

Storytelling will emerge as a powerful way of conveying values, goals, and missions of a website and each of its part will bring together the unified and message to its users in the most convincing manner.

Previous designs which we built using DIY approach- compelled users to click until they find the entire information they are exactly looking for. But, storytelling is a distinctive narrative approach that offers an enthralling experience to the visitors while directing them throughout the website in the manner most effective.

Wrapping Up

Designing user's interface is often complex and challenging as it involves a keen understanding of the current trends and the ways to make them in-tune with the requirements of client and audience. Web designers should understand the importance of making continuous innovations to empower interfaces with the motive to provide users with a better experience. So, with the same positive note let us see which design you are opting for this year.

Author Information

Name : Ben Wilson

Brief Bio : Ben Wilson is an enthusiastic WordPress developer who converts PSD to WordPress theme which is trending in website market nowadays. He likes sharing his thoughts online so that users can get to learn more about latest WordPress and Web design trends.

Twitter : @BenWilsonWpx



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